Mental activities with Anne Lill Kvam

Mental stimulation and sniffer games with author and dog trainer Anne Lill Kvam



A 2 hour 8 min webinar where you learn fun and useful mental activities for your dog!

Anne Lill will show step by step how you can teach your dog easy to do activities that is stimulating your dog's brain in a positive way.

The webinar includes:

  • Explanation of the dogs senses
  • Ideas and practical examples of various mind games 
  • Step-by-step how to teach "Teddy search"
  • Step-by step how to teach scent discrimination
  • Step-by step do's and don'ts for treat search

40 Euro/43 USD including VAT and TAX

About Anne Lill Kvam:

Anne Lill is a certified dog trainer and nosework specialist and author of the book "The Canine Kingdom of Scent" and several DVD's.

Since she was a student of Turid Rugaas’s school in 1996, she has worked as a full time instructor. From 1997 to 2000 she worked in Angola for the “Norwegian Peoples Aid” organization for the clearing of anti-man mines.

Anne Lill has her own dog training school in Norway, China and Taiwan and is a highly sought after international speaker in the fields of scent discrimination, behaviour and problem solving. Anne Lill is a Honorary Member of the PDTE.


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Mental activities with Anne Lill Kvam

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