Level 4 Spring 2024

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Level 4 
Advanced behaviour and problem solving

Registration deadline: 1st of February 2024


Please read the information below carefully before you sign up, so you are informed about the content of this course.

  • approx. 23 hours of theory by Dr. Amber Batson
  • evaluation of 6 reports by Turid Rugaas

This course has a very high level of self studies!

Information video:

Course work:

  • 6 consultation reports (1 each month)
  • watch all theory by Amber and some by Turid
  • final assignment: essay exam where you need to answer extensively questions from the theory. Example: explain the dogs ethogram", "Explain cortisol levels for various activities", "Explain the sympathetic nervous system" etc.

These are the topics for Amber's theory lessons:

- introduction to behaviour principles
- exercise in the dogs and its effects on behaviour
- troublesome teens
- aggression in dogs
- stress in dogs
- neutering
- disease and behaviour
- medicines and behaviour

1 monthly Q&A by Turid Rugaas on zoom (live and recorded). Questions for Amber Batson are submitted in writing.

Please note that this course is very specifically for you who want to learn the methods that Turid Rugaas is using to observe, evaluate and do private 1-to-1 consultations based on her training methods (hand signal, slow walks etc).

Please read this carefully: 

Written and confirmed cancellations will be accepted no later than 8 weeks prior to the start of the course. 

Cancellation later than 8 weeks prior to the start of the course will be be charged 50 % of the course fee.

No refund for cancellation made less than 4 weeks prior to the first day of the course. Full payment will be charged. 

The school fee includes all teachings, Q&A, support and entry to the student online classroom platform.

Before signing up for the course, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations:

Click here to read the rules and regulations

The above is also available on our website.

Payment options:

1. Full payment 1300 €/1425 USD with no extra charge (of which 50 €/USD is non-refundable deposit) 
Please note: Full payment is 50 €/USD upon registration and remaining 1250€/1375 USD not due until the 15th of February 2024!

Please note there is a 20 Euro/USD extra charge included in part payments.

Part payment options:

2. Two part payment:
    50 €/USD upon registration (non-refundable deposit)
    645 €/708 USD due 15th of February
    645 €/707 USD due 15th of March

3. Monthly payment 4 months:
     50 €/USD upon registration (non-refundable deposit)
     333 €/364 USD due 15th of February
     333 €/364 UDD due 15th of March
     332 €/364 USD due 15th of April
     332 €/363 UDD due 15th of May

Please note that the part payment will automatically be charged from the same card you used when registration at the above date of payment. It is your responsibility to have sufficient funding on your account.
If we do not receive the payment you will not be able to continue the course.     

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Level 4 Spring 2024

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