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Online Masterclasses with Luisa Greig 

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Pick and choose your favourite subjects or join them all and get a 10 % discount!

The Masterclasses are live webinars of up to 2 hours including a Q&A. The lectures will be live on Zoom and there are no recordings.

The price includes a certificate of attendance (if you actually attend).

The Masterclasses are open to all. 

Language: English

Please note that there is a limited number of places of 25 participants in each class!
Luisa want to teach small groups so she can attend to all participants and answer your questions.



Indicators of chronic pain 
Chronic pain is notoriously difficult to detect due to it often being insidious and gradual in nature, dogs being experts at hiding pain, and it being attributed simply to ‘the dog getting old’ when the dog does eventually show overt signs of pain. Early and accurate identification of chronic pain is essential to effectively managing your dog’s pain, a better long term outcome, and their continued good comfort, mobility and quality of life. Find out how to spot the signs. 

How to prevent repetitive strain injuries 
Repetitive strain injuries are THE number one cause of muscular problems and pain in dogs seen by Galen Myotherapists, and often go unseen and untreated for years, growing more and more detrimental to your dog’s comfort and mobility over time. Find out how to prevent these. 

Puppy exercise 
Did you know that not only the duration, but the type of exercise your puppy does is absolutely crucial to ensure their muscular system develops correctly? This plays a huge role in preventing more serious muscular problems and injury later in life. From a mental and physical perspective, appropriate exercise is also key for developing confidence, preventing overarousal and the long term health and behavioural issues associated with a chronic ‘stress’ state, and providing social, mental and emotional fulfilment. 

Postural assessment workshop 
Learn how to start methodically and easily assessing your dog’s posture for signs of muscular imbalance, overloading, pain and compensatory issues. 

A guide to assessing movement 
Learn how to start methodically and easily assessing your dog’s movement (gait) for signs of gait irregularities, lameness, compensatory issues and muscular pain. 

Arthritis workshop 
Did you know that arthritis affects 4 out of 5 older dogs and is a major cause of euthanasia due to loss of quality of life? We know that early detection of pain and intervention, and good management are huge factors in slowing the progression of the disease state and associated issues. Learn the basics of good management here. 

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All classes are an introduction to the topic and open to all dog enthusiasts!


About Luisa Greig

Luisa is a qualified Galen Canine Myotherapist and McTimoney Animal Therapist covering Sussex, Surrey, and parts of Berkshire and Kent. She uses a blend of Galen Myotherapy soft tissue massage techniques, gentle McTimoney skeletal adjustments, joint mobilisations and functional exercise to treat her patients, and advocates a multimodal, holistic approach.

Luisa treats and teaches internationally on behalf of Galen Myotherapy in Norway and Estonia, and is experienced in treating dogs with a variety of conditions, from top level working dogs across a variety of sporting disciplines, to those with chronic pain and mobility issues, and existing conditions such as hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, spondylosis and patella luxation.Luisa is committed to working with you and your dog in a compassionate, professional, supportive and approachable manner to improve your dog’s health, performance and quality of life. She always uses a choice led, restraint free, and empathic handling approach, with total respect for your dog.

Her special interest is sleddog sports, and she is activity involved in the UK sleddog scene. 

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