Nordic Dog C.A.R.E Community and Courses


For you who want to learn about the Nordic Dog Trainer Ethical Training Methods based on the understanding of calming signals and command-free dog training.

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We help dog parents go from overwhelmed, frustrated, and unsure about how to deal with your dog’s problem behaviour and misbehaving, to confident and proud dog parents enjoying a stress-free and loving relationship with easy to do and ethical training methods.

From confused

This is what you get:

Ask your dog trainer

Open 5 days a week

7 online courses

Including certificates


Connect with likeminded dog lovers

Turid Rugaas

1 Masterclass every month

Alumni only

Keep in touch, help, support and connect.
Included for anyone that have completed any level at the International Dog Trainer School.

Alumni only

Continue learning: monthly lectures.
Included for anyone that have completed any level at the International Dog Trainer School.

We will help you succeed by giving you:


  • Convenience - have your dog trainer on speed dial
  • Help from teachers in 10 different languages (English is main language)
  • Montly behaviour and training topics
  • You will be confident that you give your dog the best ethical training
  • Monthly Masterclass by Turid Rugaas 
  • Meet likeminded people in your area/country
  • Open to all dog caretakers
  • Members will enjoy discounts on other Nordic courses and activities
  • 7 courses including 2 highly valuable bonus courses and opportunity to get a certificate 
  • 10 % off level 1
  • + some surprise bonuses
  • A SPECIAL alumni membership for all our level 1- 4 students where you can keep in touch + get a montly lecture from our teachers (continuing education/learning)

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Inside the Membership Area, you'll discover a wealth of resources and opportunities:

  1. Forum for Your Questions: Our dedicated mentors, who are educated dog trainers certified by Nordic, are here to help you. Take advantage of the forum to ask any questions, seek guidance, and get assistance with your dog training challenges.

  2. Connect with Other Members: The C.A.R.E. Community is a place to make new friends for both you and your dog. You can contact fellow members, engage in interesting discussions, and share your experiences with like-minded individuals.

  3. Access All Courses: Dive into our comprehensive courses designed to enhance your understanding of dog training and behavior. Complete a quiz at the end of each course to earn a valuable course certificate.

  4. Monthly Seminars by Turid Rugaas: Gain insights from the world-renowned expert herself! Access all previous recordings of our monthly seminars conducted by Turid Rugaas, an opportunity to delve deep into the fascinating world of dog behavior.

  5. Live Webinars with Turid Rugaas: You won't want to miss these! You'll receive an invitation and reminder every month for the upcoming live (and recorded) webinar by Turid Rugaas. These sessions are a chance to learn directly from a legend in the field.

For our Alumni Members (graduates of our dog trainer school), we offer additional exclusive content:

  • Monthly Webinars by Our Teachers: These webinars cover a wide range of topics related to dog training, behavior, and even starting and running your own dog training business. They are conducted live and recorded for your convenience.

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These previous recorded webinars by Turid Rugaas are already available for you inside the membership platform:

  • Passing other dogs
  • Why do dogs bite?
  • Home alone
  • Walking nice on leash
  • The hunting instinct in dogs
  • How can we help fearful dogs?
  • When the doorbell rings 
  • The 5 necessities in a dog's life
  • How to train your dog to be calm
  • Leash walking
  • Is your dog a bully?
  • How to do proper treat search

Value: €360

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26 practical theory lessons and 27 practical training videos!

  • Dog Basics for Humans (all you need to know as an ethical dog parent)
  • Puppies
  • Adolescent and senior dogs
  • Shelter/re-homed dogs
  • Common Problem Behaviours
  • Practical training videos
  • Canine communication and our body language 
  • Walking nice on leash 

If you want, you can take the quizzes and get a course certificate for each of the course too!

All courses and webinars are in English.

Additionally you can ask our international dog trainers questions in writing in these languages:

  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Latvian
  • Estonian
  • Lithuanian
  • Danish
  • Russian

Our dog trainers (Nordic Mentors) are available 5 days a week to answer your questions!

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Advent Offer available until the 8th of December only! 

Our membership offers complete flexibility.
You're not locked into any fixed term, and you can unsubscribe at any time that suits you.

Premium (VID Very Important Dog)


Per month (Will Never Increase!)

17 Euro/19 USD per month
+ 47 Euro/49 USD starter fee
(one time payment only)

Locked fee! (you members fee will never-ever increase!)

Cancel at any time


6 online courses

Individual help from Nordic Mentors 5 days a week in English + 11 other languages

10 % off level 1

Discounts on Nordic courses and activities

Discounts on Galen Myotherapy online courses

Community forum

+ surprise bonuses

Monthly live (and recorded) webinars by Turid Rugaas



per year (will never increase!)

17 Euro/19 USD per month
+ 47 Euro/49 USD starter fee
(one time payment only)

Locked fee! (your members fee will never increase!)

Cancel at any time

For all previous and present students level 1 - 4 at our International Dog Trainer School only!

Including all features as Premium in addition to:

Monthly lectures by our teachers

Monthly lessons helping and supporting entrepreneurs starting up

Forums for case studies and discussions 

Social forums for keeping in touch and connecting


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